Potassium hydroxide
 Sodium sulfite anhydrous
 Polyaluminium Chloride
 Polymeric ferric sulfate
 Sodium cyanide
 Copper Pyrophosphate
 Isopropyl alcohol
 Electrolytic copper
 Nickel ball (nickel discus)
 Optical spectrum analyzers
 Physical property analyser
Polymeric ferric sulfate
Product name: Polymeric ferric sulfate
CAS RN: 10028-22-5
Molecular weight: 399.8789
Place of origin: Shandong
Physico-chemical property:

appearance: reddish brown sticky liquid

Structural formula:
Uses: For manufacturing of pigment and medicines; as mordant and water purification agent; used in water purification, sewage treatment; as new type and efficient flocculating agent; for industrial waste water and urban sewage treatment in food, leather, mining, metallurgy, dyeing, paper making and petroleum industries
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