Potassium hydroxide
 Sodium sulfite anhydrous
 Polyaluminium Chloride
 Polymeric ferric sulfate
 Sodium cyanide
 Copper Pyrophosphate
 Isopropyl alcohol
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 Nickel ball (nickel discus)
 Optical spectrum analyzers
 Physical property analyser
Potassium hydroxide
Product name: Potassium hydroxide
CAS RN: 1310-58-3;71769-53-4
Molecular weight: 57.113
Place of origin: Jiangsu, Sichuan
Physico-chemical property:

appearance: white crystal; industrial product is white or light grey bulk
melting point: 360.4℃
boiling point: 1320~1324℃
relative density: 2.044(20℃)
solubility: easily solule in water, soluble in ethyl alcohol, lightly soluble in diethyl ether

Structural formula:
Uses: chemical raw material; used in medical and daily chemical field
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